Capital Ford of Charlotte is excited to partner with Ford Motor Company in their Manufacturer Buy-Back Program. The select vehicles in this program are Authorized Reacquired Vehicles we can offer to the general public at reduced pricing. 

What is the Manufacture Buy-Back Program?

The program allows for vehicles, though previously sold as new that were returned because of nonconformity to Ford’s expressed warranty, to be offered to the public once repaired.  Most vehicles in the program either did not complete repairs in a reasonable amount of time or the customer who purchased the original vehicle is still not satisfied with the status.

Why buy a Manufacture Buy-Back?

Huge savings passed directly to the public.  Vehicles in this category are offered at prices substantially lower than their current retail value. 

In addition to the savings, Ford offers to give the purchaser the balance of the original factory warranty or a 12 month/12,000-mile warranty, whichever is greater. Of course, you may purchase a Ford Extended Service Plan to extend coverage of the vehicle’s components as well.

How do I know what was wrong with the vehicle?

We disclose the cause of repurchase and all of the vehicles warranty history before any purchase. You may also ask for this information before visiting the store.  While it's true that vehicles repurchased by a manufacturer may need repairs to correct problems, that isn't always the case, causes are often minor. 

Some of the problems are fixed while the customer still owns the vehicle but are still repurchased as a gesture of goodwill to maintain a valued relationship with a loyal customer. 
Regardless of the reason for a buyback, when a true problem does exist, the manufacturer not only wants to fix it, the company is required by law to fully correct any issues before the vehicle is offered for sale.

What does Capital Ford do to ensure the vehicles are fixed correctly?

Any vehicle that cannot be fully repaired will then be recycled and not offered to the public again. None the less, we go further at Capital Ford of Charlotte as we research the service history of the vehicle to identify the work performed and our certified technicians inspect the vehicles to confirm the repair. Our service department road tests each vehicle to ensure its operability. 

Other dealers have told me never purchase a “buyback” vehicle. Why?

Remember that automotive sales are a competitive business and not all dealers are able to offer repurchased vehicles for sale. As a result, some dealers simply don't want you to know the real value that a repurchased vehicle can offer. Moreover, we welcome having any vehicle inspect by an independent source for peace of mind. 

Can I finance a Manufacture Buy-Back?


Absolutely! We have partnered with lenders offering competitive terms of financing. Apply for financing here!