Out of State and Looking to Purchase?

All customers intending to purchase from out of state should read the following:

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Can I purchase a vehicle from Capital Ford of Charlotte from outside the state of North Carolina?

Yes, you may purchase a vehicle remotely from Capital Ford of Charlotte as long as you reside in the lower 48 states. A member of our team or contract agent will meet with you at a time and place of your choosing to review and complete all paperwork for purchase. Once complete we will arrange delivery of your new vehicle right to your front door. If you live within a 3-hour driving distance from the dealership we do offer same day delivery. However, due to regulations, the rise in identity theft and distance this process may take longer for the vehicle to arrive.

Can I title and register the Capital Ford of Charlotte vehicle I purchase outside the state of North Carolina?

Yes, Capital Ford of Charlotte will handle titling and registering the vehicle in your home state. We use a third-party vendor who completes this process, the cost of which is $165.00 and is paid by the buyer. In conjunction with our third-party vendor, we will gather all of the necessary information from your home state regarding tax estimate, fees estimate, inspection and emission information, and required forms.

Will you ship me the vehicle?

Yes, if you are not completing the purchase at our store, we must arrange shipping. The cost of shipping varies from $50.00 to $2000.00 depending on distance, size of the vehicle and type of shipping and must be paid by the buyer. We will not release the vehicle to the transporter until all funds in house and any financing is finalized.

Can I trade a vehicle from out of state?

Yes, and we can absolutely provide you with a trade estimate remotely. (click here for a trade value KBB ISO link) However, it would be your responsibility to get the vehicle to our store for our staff to finalize a trade value.

How can I pay for the vehicle?

Capital Ford of Charlotte is happy to provide financing for your vehicle. We work with over 40 different partner lenders and credit unions that offer competitive financing options. We do limit any credit and debit card payments to a maximum of $2000.00 per any one purchase. Personal checks may be accepted up to $50,000.00. However, verification of funds must be completed via third party source for any personal checks to be accepted. This verification process can be denied regardless of account balance thus is why we strongly recommend our customers bring certified funds. Capital Ford of Charlotte does accept wire transfers however, they cannot be used in same day transactions as it may take 24 hours to confirm receipt of funds.

Pricing and rebates?

The advertised pricing for the new vehicles on our website and other medias is after all Ford incentives applicable to residents of the Charlotte region. Ford may offer different incentives for your home address, therefore the pricing may be different however, our Dealer Discount will remain the same.

What about taxes?

Taxes on the vehicle purchase are determined by your home state and local government tax rate. Capital Ford of Charlotte will assist in estimating this amount and including it the transaction total. However, the buyer is responsible for any amount greater than what was collected. Capital Ford of Charlotte does not process tax exempt transactions outside of the state of North Carolina.

Can I finance with my bank or credit union?

Certified or wired funds must be received from your lender by the dealership before delivery and Capital Ford of Charlotte must handle registering and titling the vehicle. Drafts, letters of credit, or funds on hold will not be accepted on out of state deals. We will also be happy to assist you with financing.

What about insurance?

You will be required to provide state and VIN specific insurance, driver’s licenses from your state, and if transferring a license plate, a copy of your state registration. All of these items must match the address of your new registration.

What if I am not returning home soon?

No problem, unless your home state requires a vehicle/emissions inspection in your home state before they will title and register the vehicle.

Can I handle my own title and registration?

Yes, if you purchase a preowned vehicle with immediately available certified or wired funds. No, if your purchase any new vehicle, or financed preowned vehicle. Lenders require the dealership provide proof of registration and lien record. Ford requires proof of registration matching any incentives received.

How long will it take to receive my new registration?

Each state varies greatly on how fast they process out of state titles and registration. If you must provide emissions, state inspection, ad-valorem or paid property tax-fees-assessments receipts, this will increase the processing time. Our goal, if we have all the documents, is to complete the registration as soon as possible.