Here's How It Works


Step 1: Find Your Car

Once you find your car,  one of Home Delivery vehicle specialists will contact you to begin the process. 

Please include phone number and when is the best time to call when filling out the form below.

We will need a copy of your drivers license and insurance information .    

Step 2: Online Appraisal

Fill out a simple appraisal form, maybe send a few pictures. Then we can put a number on your trade.

Step 3: Choose Your Financing 

One of our Certified Finance experts will walk you through your financing options, whether it's through your own bank or through one of our 30+ lenders.

   We can usually match or beat your rates from a single lender, as our buying power for these loans is much greater..                                        

Step 4: Delivery

We'll bring the car and all the necessary paperwork to you. Your done ! 

Capital Ford Home Delivery is available in the Charlotte, NC area. We will deliver a car to your home or place of business, as long as it's within a 200-mile radius of Charlotte. At his time we can not deliver outside of North Carolina, unless a notary is available at a bank or similar location.   Please call Capital Ford for further details. 844-242-1515